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Subject: Big Reasons to do Business in Small Communities
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Missouri's metropolitan hubs all have a lot to offer in the way of business attraction and expansion - a large labor pool, airport and highway access, and infrastructure, to name a few. But who's to say our small communities and mid-sized cities don't also have what it takes to improve their economic development plans?

The Missouri Department of Economic Development recently sought to answer this question, exploring the numerous benefits of setting up shop in a small town, highlighting assets such as affordability, unique experiences, and an abundance of natural resources that are often found in smaller communities.

Whether your community is known for its picturesque outdoors, excellent school system, or newest high-tech bridge, we want to help you let businesses know you have a lot to offer. Below are just some examples of the strengths many of our smaller communities promote to encourage economic growth. Please click here, or on any of the images in this e-mail, to read the full article.

1. Downtown Fulton, located in central Missouri. This small town is known for its affordability and close proximity to a readily-available, skilled workforce.

2. A zip-line course in Branson, southwest Missouri's "Live Music Show Capital of the World."

3. A wind farm, similar to the one found in Rock Port. This small northwest community was the first in the nation to be 100 percent wind-powered.


To find out more about big opportunities for small communities in Missouri, please click here to read the full article.



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