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Subject: Missouri Chamber Direct - February 7, 2014 from Dan Mehan

Missouri Chamber testifies in favor of "paycheck protection" legislation

This week the House Workforce Development and Workplace Safety Committee heard testimony on legislation commonly known as "paycheck protection." The bill, House Bill 1617, sponsored by Rep. Holly Rehder, R-Sikeston, would require unions to get annual written authorization in order to collect fees that are automatically deducted from a worker's paycheck by an employer. Unions would need similar consent to spend a person's fees on political activities.

Missouri Senate takes on Whistleblower Protection Act

This week the Missouri Senate discussed Missouri's whistleblower policy and what the legislature can do to protect those who speak out on wrongdoing in the workplace. Heard in the Senate Judiciary and Civil Jurisprudence Committee, Senate Bill 490 would protect whistleblowers that report illegal workplace conduct. The bill is sponsored by Sen. Brad Lager (R-Savannah). The proposed legislation would also provide legal protection to employers. 
Missouri changes course to secure additional transportation funding

Signature gathering to place a transportation sales and use tax on the November ballot has been halted.  Bill McKenna, the treasurer for Missourians for Safe Transportation and New Jobs, said this week that his group is redirecting its efforts to secure legislative approval to put the issue before voters.

Hall Family Foundation study shows Missouri has lost $217 million in taxes in border war

Legislation that would end tax incentives for businesses that cross state lines within the Kansas City Metro area was heard before the House Small Business Committee and the Senate Jobs, Economic Development and Local Government Committee this week, sparking coordination between lawmakers seeking to end the 'Border War' with neighboring Kansas.
Attempt to extend unemployment insurance benefits fails in Congress

The latest effort by U.S. Senate Democrats to extend emergency unemployment benefits failed on a procedural vote again on Thursday by a vote of 58 to 40.  Senate Democrats made a move to pass a short-term extension of unemployment insurance benefits by forcing a cloture vote. To survive cloture and move to consider the legislation requires 60 votes.

 Save the date for the Missouri Chamber Day at the Capitol

Save the date for Tuesday, Feb. 25, 2014, at the Capitol Plaza Hotel in Jefferson City for a day of networking, grassroots lobbying and learning about the legislative issues that impact Missouri employers. Take an active role in moving pro-jobs legislation this year.
Take part in "This Week in the Missouri Legislature" calls

Stay on top of the legislation impacting Missouri employers by participating in a bi-weekly discussion on the latest happenings in our state capitol. Join us for "This Week in the Missouri Legislature," our member-only conference call.