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Subject: Missouri Chamber Direct February 21, 2014

Missouri Senate considers Angel investment tax credits 

Another round of economic development legislation was heard in the Missouri Senate Jobs, Economic Development and Local Government Committee this week, gathering the support of the business community. Senate Bill 698, sponsored by Kansas City Sen. Jolie Justus, would provide tax credits to investors that provide early stage "angel" capital to qualified employers in the state.

Common Core standards stir discussion, debate

A project to develop national standards for K-12 instruction was a topic of debate in Jefferson City this week. The discussion centers on the Common Core State standards. The standards were created as part of a project by the National Governors Association in partnership with the Council of Chief State School Officers.

Missouri Chamber advocates for legislation that couples Medicaid expansion with market-based reforms

This week, Rep. Noel Torpey, a Republican from Independence, filed legislation that the Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry believes could become the compromise to secure billions of dollars in federal Medicaid funding.  His bill, House Bill 1901, combines Medicaid expansion with market-based reforms.
House acts on bills to cut Missouri tax rate

Proposals to cut taxes for Missourians were given preliminary approval by the House of Representatives this week. The bills would reduce the amount of business income taxed by 50 percent and cut the state's corporate tax rate from 6.25 percent to 3.125 percent. Also on the table is reducing the individual income tax rate from 6 percent to 5.3 percent.

Missouri House takes on movie and beverage tax credits

The Missouri House Economic Development Committee often takes on very serious issues to promote economic development in the state, and most recently took on two issues that many Missourians love - movies and  drinks. House Bill 1628, sponsored by Rep. Bart Korman, R-High Hill, would expand the tax credit for wine and grape producers to also include distillers and microbreweries.

Legislation would protect employers from unclear worker classification rules

Worker classification disputes can be time consuming and expensive for employers to resolve.  The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is giving closer scrutiny to the classification of workers and independent contractors and has delivered crippling retroactive penalties on employers who have intentionally or unintentionally misclassified workers.
Bill would protect disaster rebuilding efforts from prevailing wage

The catastrophic tornado that struck Joplin in May of 2011 destroyed thousands of homes, including much of the city's low income housing. Developers were interested in helping Joplin restore its low income housing with help from grants through the Missouri Housing Development Commission, but prevailing wage requirements caused challenges.

 Save the date for the Missouri Chamber Day at the Capitol

Save the date for Tuesday, Feb. 25, 2014, at the Capitol Plaza Hotel in Jefferson City for a day of networking, grassroots lobbying and learning about the legislative issues that impact Missouri employers. Take an active role in moving pro-jobs legislation this year.
Take part in "This Week in the Missouri Legislature" calls

Stay on top of the legislation impacting Missouri employers by participating in a bi-weekly discussion on the latest happenings in our state capitol. Join us for "This Week in the Missouri Legislature," our member-only conference call. 
March 6, 2014  - Missouri STEM Day at the Capitol

The Missouri Mathematics and Science Coalition will hold the annual STEM Day at the Capitol, with a focus on K-12 and Higher Education STEM programming. We will have space available on the 3rd floor rotunda of the Capitol for STEM programs to set up booths and showcase various school and student science projects and activities. Participating groups will showcase their STEM programs, projects and past/current work.