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January 10, 2014
A Look Back on a Great Year for Business in Missouri
Missouri is proud to celebrate the accomplishments of our business community throughout the past year. During 2013, the state of Missouri partnered with numerous local businesses and global brands to invest and expand across the state. The state’s automotive sector saw substantial growth, including investments by Ford (adding a third production shift for the F-150 pickup truck and hiring an additional 900 workers in Kansas City), General Motors ($133 million investment, 55 jobs in Wentzville), Grupo Antolin ($15.7 million investment, 118 new jobs in Kansas City), Adrian Steel ($4.7 million investment, 39 new jobs in Kansas City), Toyota Bodine ($3 million investment, 35 new jobs in Troy), and Yanfeng USA Automotive Trim Systems ($45 million investment, 263 new jobs in Riverside). Last year also saw investments by several global brands headquartered in Missouri, including Monsanto ($400 million investment, 675 new jobs at its Chesterfield Village Research Center), and Reinsurance Group of America ($140 million investment, 300 new jobs in St. Louis County). To view more of Missouri’s 2013 business announcements, please click here. (Please note: This list only features companies that partnered with Missouri in 2013 to announce their expansion projects and create jobs throughout the state. It does not encompass all of the great work that other Missouri companies have undertaken independently to expand during the year.) 

Air Medical Service Provider to Establish Location in Moberly
Air Evac Lifeteam, an air ambulance company based in O’Fallon, Mo., recently announced that it will be opening a new location in Moberly. The company will be establishing its newest base of operations at the Randolph County Ambulance District headquarters, a move that will bring fifteen new, highly-skilled positions to central Missouri. “This new partnership only strengthens the type of quality emergency care that we can provide not only the Moberly community but the entire north central and north east region of Missouri,” said Clay Joiner, Administrator of the Randolph County Ambulance District. Air Evac Lifeteam, the largest independently-owned and operated air medical service provider in the United States, operates 115 bases in 15 states. Each crew includes a registered nurse, paramedic and pilot on-call 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to provide emergency air medical transport services. Construction on the heliport and supporting facilities is expected to be complete by the second quarter of 2014. Read more...

Kansas City is a Top Travel Destination for 2014
Lonely Planet, the world’s most successful travel publisher, recently released its list of the top 10 U.S. travel destinations for 2014. Taking the No. 6 spot this year was Kansas City, Mo., which Lonely Planet dubbed “wide open and inviting.” The publisher also noted the city’s famed fountains, as well as its vibrant jazz and blues music scene. Kansas City also boasts over 100 barbecue restaurants, as well as the 1920s shopping district of Country Club Plaza to the Crossroads Arts District. Lonely Planet praised Kansas City as being particularly appealing to World War I history buffs, as it is the home of the National WWI Museum. Also, because 2014 marks the war’s centennial, the city will be hosting many major celebrations and events this year. Kansas City was joined on the list by U.S. destinations including Yosemite National Park in California, Boston, Mass., the Jersey Shore, and Cumberland Island, Ga., among others. Read more...

Missouri Department of Economic Development to Visit Six Local Communities
During the annual Missouri Community Betterment Program Conference, held October 20-21, 2013, Department of Economic Development Director Mike Downing issued a competition to the community representatives in attendance. The first five attendees to e-mail him that night on behalf of their city would receive a visit from the DED team to discuss the community’s needs and help find solutions to local economic development issues. Due to a tie, six communities were chosen, and DED and MCB have since put together teams of specialists to begin initial planning and research for the selected communities. Jamesport, Albany, Clinton, Grant City, Steelville and Windsor are the six Missouri cities that will receive a visit from DED to assess the drivers of the local economy and help develop a set of recommendations for growth. “It’s important that every community has a sound plan to create jobs and spur economic growth, and the department and our partners are here to help with that,” said Director Downing. Read more...
In Their Boots: A Show-Me Heroes Story - AlliedBarton Security Services
Thousands of employers across the state are finding out that hiring Missouri veterans and service members is a great business decision. One such business is AlliedBarton Security Services, the largest American-owned security officer services company, which has made a commitment to hiring veterans in Missouri and beyond. Last year alone, the company hired over 4,100 veterans nationwide, including over 200 in the state of Missouri. To find out how this company’s nationwide program puts them ahead of all other employers in the eyes of one veteran, please watch the latest In Their Boots: A Show-Me Heroes Story video featuring David Hayter, U.S. Air Force veteran and current AlliedBarton employee. For more information on the Show-Me Heroes program, please visit

2014 CDBG Application Workshops
As part of the Missouri Department of Economic Development, CDBG (Community Development Block Grants) assists Missouri communities with improving local facilities, addressing critical health and safety concerns, and creating a greater capacity for development. The Missouri CDBG program will be holding four training sessions throughout this month to teach participants how to complete the FY2014 CDBG application for non-entitlement areas of the state (cities of less than 50,000 and counties of less than 200,000 in population). Participants will learn the basic application requirements, as well as specific information geared toward each category of funding. The workshops will take place on January 22, 23, 29 and 30. Every workshop is free and open to the public, and no registration is necessary. Read more...

Top Demand for STEM Occupations Continue in Missouri   
According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Occupational Employment Statistics, the average wage for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) occupations in Missouri is $30.08 an hour, almost $11 more than the average wage for non-STEM jobs. Missouri has the third highest average wage for STEM occupations when compared to surrounding states. The top STEM job advertisements for Missouri were computer systems analysts, computer user support specialists, and supervisors of food preparation & serving workers. St. Louis had the most job openings for computer systems analysts and computer user support specialists. Read more...

Multiple Jobholders Decrease in Missouri
Multiple jobholders decreased in Missouri from 5.6 percent to 5.3 percent in 2012. Nationwide, the average rate of multiple jobholders is 4.9 percent, unchanged since 2010. The highest multiple-jobholding rates occurred in South Dakota with a rate of 9.5 percent, while the lowest was Florida with a rate of 3.4 percent. Some reasons for holding multiple jobs include: paying off debts, having an expertise in demand, saving for the future, getting experience, extra money for a special purchase, enjoyment of a second job, and building up a business. Read more...

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St. Louis Startup Helps Organize Family Documents
The St. Louis financial industry has a new player. Family Wealth Map, a financial tech startup company, was recently launched by Rick Fox, CEO and president of Fox Private Equity, to help families gather and organize important documents. Fox said the idea for the company came from personal experience. After his father died 20 years ago, it was difficult to track down necessary documents. Family Wealth Map is a cloud-based service that allows users to collaborate and host documents such as passports, titles and deeds. Family Wealth Map also allows families to track financial reports and estate value. The service will be offered to both the general public for personal use and to financial advisers to help manage client portfolios. Family Wealth Map was a finalist for the SixThirty fintech accelerator. Its investors include Unified Development, Inc., in Chesterfield and Articulate Ventures in St. Louis. Read more...

Travel Safely with MoDOT
Winter is in full swing, and icy roads may be a common hazard for the next month or two. With the Missouri Department of Transportation’s (MoDOT) Traveler Information Map, Missouri drivers can plan ahead and check their routes to make sure roads are open and safe to drive on. MoDOT also offers a Traveler Information Map mobile application that is available on both the iPhone App store and the Android Marketplace. The mobile app allows travelers to get the latest information on road conditions, work zones, flooding and incidents on their phones and tablets. The app also allows users to easily connect to MoDOT’s customer service phone number. Read more...

KC Among Nation’s Top Tech Hubs
Kansas City has been ranked one of the top 10 most promising tech hubs of 2014 by, a web magazine. In a news release, Dan Blachraski, editor-in-chief, said, “Kansas City has so many big advantages to offer tech entrepreneurs. Besides Google Fiber, the city’s Startup Village and vibrant tech community have made this Midwestern town a flourishing tech hub, and a great place to launch a startup.” The magazine noted that the Kansas City region has vast resources for startups, including Startup Village, LaunchKC, and One Million Cups, launched by the Kauffman Foundation. The magazine also recognized Kansas City’s vibrant culture as a draw for entrepreneurs. Other cities on’s top ten list include Altlanta; Burlington, Vt.; Champaign/Urbana, Ill.; Detroit; Fort Collins, Colo.; Huntsville, Ala.; Orlando, Fla.; Sioux Falls, SD; and St. Paul/Minneapolis. Read more...

Shine the Light on Energy Efficiency
Lighting is an essential part of everyday life. Why not switch out incandescent bulbs around your home for compact fluorescents or LED lighting? Compact fluorescents can save $50 in energy costs over the life of the bulb. LED bulbs will not only last 10 times longer, on average, but they also cost a lot less than their incandescent counterpart. The lifetime electricity cost of an LED bulb is $60 vs. a lifetime electricity cost of $540 for an incandescent bulb. Learn more about Missouri’s energy resources at Read more...

Retired Workforce Development Specialist ‘Cheerleader’ for the Unemployed
Give me a ‘D!’ Give me an ‘I!’ Give me an ‘A!’ Give me a ‘N!’ Give me an ‘A!’… A recent article in the Washington Missourian profiled Diana Voelker, who reflected on nearly 40 years of working in Missouri state government – the last 12 as manager of the Missouri Career Center in Washington. Voelker, who recently retired from the Missouri Division of Workforce Development as a regional manager, viewed her role and that of fellow DWD employees as advocates for their clients. “We’re really there to be a cheerleader for clients,” said Voelker. “When something my agency did led people to be successful it was a thrill. If I worked with them personally it was a double thrill,” Voelker said. “To see people have these life-changing moments because of state intervention was the most important part of it." Read more...

Missouri Work Assistance Helps Needy Families Attain Self-Sufficiency
The St. Louis City’s welfare transition program, performed by the St. Louis Agency on Training and Employment’s (SLATE), Missouri Work Assistance (MWA) staff, together with Better Family Life, remains the most successful effort in the region in terms of engaging recipients of Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) and moving them towards self-sufficiency, personal responsibility, and work activity. Typically, individuals enrolled in MWA also meet the WIA requirements and are dually enrolled, which gives the customers the opportunity to take advantage of a much wider range of services. Now serving over 700 customers, SLATE’s MWA has developed a strong support structure and seamless management process to ensure access to training, employment and other supportive services, which may include transportation assistance, subsidized child care referrals, resume preparation, practicing interviewing skills, obtainment of GED, on-the-job training, and vocational education, among others. With help from SLATE’s community partner network, MWA is able to assist with barriers that prevent customers from successfully entering employment. The Career Specialist will continue providing job leads and referrals until employment is obtained. Those placed into Community Service will work on gaining skills needed in a professional environment and will receive references from every company they worked for. Many short-term Community Service positions lead to full-time employment. For questions and requests for assistance and support, please contact the SLATE MWA Hotline at (314) 657-3591 or come to our Downtown Career Center and ask to speak with MWA staff. Read more...

Will Surge of Older Workers Take Jobs From Young?
Fact or fiction: Older people remaining on the job later in life are stealing jobs from young people. It's an assertion that has been accepted as fact by droves of the unemployed. Unfortunately, it’s one many economists say isn't supported by a wisp of fact. "We all cannot believe that we have been fighting this theory for more than 150 years," said April Yanyuan Wu, a research economist at the Center for Retirement Research at Boston College, who co-authored a paper last year on the subject. The theory Wu and other economists are fighting is known as "lump of labor," and it has maintained traction in the U.S., particularly in a climate of high unemployment. The theory dates to 1851 and says if a group enters the labor market - or in this case, remains in it beyond their normal retirement date - others will be unable to gain employment or will have their hours cut. Read more...

Forbes’ Best Banks List Includes Three in Missouri
Using data from financial data firm SNL Financial, Forbes recently ranked the 100 largest publicly-traded banks in the nation. The metrics used to rank the institutions included 12-month revenue growth, return on average equity, net interest margin, nonperforming loans as a percentage of loans, and nonperforming assets as a percentage of assets, among others. This year, three Missouri-based banks were ranked among the top 20 in the nation. Commerce Bancshares, headquartered in Kansas City, was ranked No. 10 on the list. UMB Financial, headquartered in Kansas City, was ranked 16th, while Central Bancompany, headquartered in Jefferson City, was ranked 18th. Last year, Forbes ranked Commerce Bancshares as No. 9, UMB Financial as No. 21, and Central Bancompany as No. 23. Read more...

Lighthouse for the Blind-St. Louis Achieves Safety Milestone, Wins Several Contracts
Employees at two manufacturing plants staffed by Lighthouse for the Blind-St. Louis (LHB) in St. Louis County recently celebrated an impressive safety milestone by achieving five years without any lost-time injuries. The company is a not-for-profit manufacturing and packaging organization with a dedicated social service mission that employs over 40 individuals who are legally blind. “Achieving this inspiring milestone is a testimony to our employees’ skill, talent and commitment to maintaining safe and productive work environments,” said John Thompson, President of LHB. The company’s commitment to safety and productivity is among the reasons why LHB recently won a contract from Phokus Research Group, LLC, of San Diego, to package trauma bandages for the company’s “Sons Trauma Kit,” as well as a contract to provide supplies and pack orders for personal protective equipment for use by U.S. Navy Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and Explosives (CBRNE) disaster response groups. Read more...

The Mission Center L3C Welcomes its First Startup Class
Founded in 2010, The Mission Center L3C is the nation’s first hybrid, for-profit social enterprise incubator and accelerator focused on providing education and capacity building for social entrepreneurs. The incubator recently welcomed four new organizations to its St. Louis headquarters, forming its inaugural startup class. The Mission Center provides back-office support to nonprofit organizations, as well as serves as a place where social entrepreneurs can work to solve issues in the region. The incubator’s inaugural class includes: GoodMap, a website that allows social agencies to help people find, organize and share information about community resources; The Disruption Department, a nonprofit focused on innovative ways to teach and prepare kids for STEM jobs; Big Heart Wine Foundation, an organization that raises funds to employ people with disabilities as wine sellers; and St. Louis Dancing Classrooms, a nonprofit focused on empowering youth and teaching respectful interaction between fifth graders in the St. Louis metropolitan area. Read more...

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Upcoming Governor’s Trade Mission to Canada
Missouri Governor Jay Nixon will be leading a trade mission to Montreal and Toronto, Canada on March 3-6, 2014. The mission will provide an excellent opportunity for all types of Missouri companies to find new markets for their products and increase sales with Missouri’s top export partner. Currently, one-third of all Missouri exports go to Canada, with leading sectors including transportation equipment, chemicals, machinery, food and kindred products, and fabricated metal products. If your company has never participated in a trade mission before, this is a great first step, as doing business with Canada means there are fewer language and other barriers and as Missouri has similar business and legal practices. Participation includes many benefits, including networking opportunities, one-one-one company meetings, market research, agent/distributor search, and interpretation services, among others. Space on this mission is limited, so please register promptly. The registration deadline is February 3, and interested participants can contact Ann Pardalos for more information. Read more...

Enterprise Holdings Expands its Presence in Europe
With its recent new franchisee appointments in Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland, Enterprise Rent-A-Car has now achieved a major milestone in the development of its European presence: an uninterrupted network that extends the Enterprise brand across the whole of Europe. These new partnerships also bring the company one step closer to realizing its goal of offering the Enterprise brand to all car rental customers regardless of where they are traveling worldwide. The two companies that will be joining the Enterprise network are General Lease (Belgium & Luxembourg) and Auto-Interleasing (Switzerland). Peter A. Smith, vice president of global franchising at Enterprise, noted, “These are two vital new members to the Enterprise family of businesses and add an important new element to our brand, as they enable us to provide a continuous network of branches that stretches across the heart of Europe.” Enterprise Rent-A-Car is part of St. Louis-based Enterprise Holdings, the largest car rental service provider in the world. Read more...  

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Missouri Partnership Marketing Events
Schedule of Missouri Partnership Marketing Events 
January 13, 2014
Registration Deadline for 2014 Missouri Partnership Cooperative Marketing Program 
January 14-16, 2014

2014 Midwest Energy Solutions Conference
Chicago, IL 

January 16, 2014

2014 State of St. Louis
St. Louis, MO

January 16, 2014
"Protecting Your Intellectual Property in the Global Marketplace" Workshop
Kansas City, MO 
January 16-18, 2014

2014 Missouri Governor's Conference on Agriculture
Kansas City, MO 

January 31, 2014
St. Louis Business Journal Women's Conference
St. Louis, MO 
February 11-12, 2014

Missouri Municipal League Legislative Conference
Jefferson City, MO

February 6, 2014
Application Deadline for MTC Seed Capital Co-Investment Program
February 6, 2014
Application Deadline for MTC Venture Capital Co-Investment Program
February 7, 2014
Market Briefing: Doing Business in Botswana
Kansas City, MO 
February 19, 2014
2014 Youth Opportunities Program (YOP) Application Workshop
Jefferson City, MO 
February 24, 2014
Deadline for FY2015 Missouri Arts Council Grants
March 3-6, 2014
Governor's Trade Mission to Montreal and Toronto
Montreal & Toronto, Canada 
March 8-14, 2014
Infrastructure Business Development Mission to the Gulf Cooperation Countries
Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Qatar 
April 7-11, 2014

Grantsmanship Training Program
Nevada, MO 

April 8-11, 2014
Food & Hotel Asia Trade Show
Singapore, Singapore
May 13-16, 2014
Seoul Food & Hotel Trade Show
Seoul, Republic of Korea 
July 14-18, 2014
2014 Farnborough Air & Trade Show
London, England 
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